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If it is only verification and not compilation, this is surely covered
under fair dealing provisions, otherwise by simple reading and making
a mental note of the content of a copyright work you would be in

The research community does this sort of verification thing all the
time.  They never rely on a single source for truth - not even, as
this case shows, your own observations.  With street names, etc.,
isn't the ultimate verification a reference to the government agency
(at whatever level) responsible?  Everything else is derived or
repackaged data.

I live in Gellibrand *Street*, spelled with a G not a J .  I know this
because a) the real estate agent said so when I bought the house, b)
it is written on the title and other conveyancing documentation, c) it
is written on the street signs, d) the post office never fails to send
bills and overdue notices to the right place, e) Google maps says so
(so its got to be right because Google would never lie!), e) OSM say
so too (which is pretty bloody important!),  f, ..., y) any number of
privately published on-line and paper street directories say so, and
z) 'ACT Locate' says so.  Of all these sources, although many could be
considered reliable, only the last could really be considered
authoritative, and even this is the local government's representation
of its own databases which are in turn based on some forgotten pieces
of legislation from decades ago when the suburb was planned, designed
and released for development.

It would be a very courageous person who would dare to assert and test
copyright of this name applied to this street.  Their graphical and
other representation of this fact is or course is an entirely
different matter.

The objective the exercise is to establish the 'points of truth'.
With the map itself this s a no-brainer - two or more independent
people have to go to the place and see the same thing.  But when it
some to what to call the agreed observation, it is often not quite so
obvious or unitary...  but it is interesting...

On the topic of interesting,
http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/09/0413247 might cause
some wry thought.  Was not really sure what 'Tax maps' were - they
seem to be property boundaries...


On Feb 11, 2008 12:43 PM, Ian Sergeant <isergean at hih.com.au> wrote:
> I notice that the State Library of Victoria now has the sewerage diagrams
> from the early 1900s online for Melbourne, including detailed steet names
> and stuff.  These maps were government produced, and should now be out of
> copyright.
> Perhaps a quick email to the library, explaining OSM and explaining that we
> just want to use the out of copyright map to verify street names.
> Could be a very good source of out of copyright information for
> Melbournians.
> Ian.
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