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Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Mon Feb 11 07:54:12 GMT 2008

Ian Sergeant wrote:
> I notice that the State Library of Victoria now has the sewerage diagrams
> from the early 1900s online for Melbourne, including detailed steet names
> and stuff.  These maps were government produced, and should now be out of
> copyright.
> Perhaps a quick email to the library, explaining OSM and explaining that we
> just want to use the out of copyright map to verify street names.
I had quite a long chat, followed by some email discussions, with the 
copyright officer at the State Library of Vic regarding these maps in 
November last year.  They have no copyright issues with the use of those 
maps for street name sources, and I'm trying to sort out the copyright 
issues with them regarding creating larger composite maps of the little 
ones on line and making them available (cos those little maps are a pain 
to use). I've got a couple of large (10000x10000 pixel) versions of 
these maps I've compiled, which are really handy. The online images are 
copyright SLofV, but the source maps are not anymore.

Here's a question for everyone though - if the MMBW maps, or my 1936 
Collins Street Directory images I have, are used as the base street name 
reference, is it a copy right breach if that data is compared to 
Google/Melways, and if the street name appears to have changed since the 
historical map was produced (see Nicholson Place/Piera Street near 
corner of Lygon St and Glenlyon Rd in Brunswick), the street name is 
*not* added to OSM? Sort of Copyright by omission...

It's an insanely murky area of copyright  - even my IP/copyright lawyer 
I spoke to a few days ago said nobody is really sure what to do with 
maps and the factual info contained within.

> Could be a very good source of out of copyright information for
> Melbournians.
> Ian.
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