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Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Tue Feb 12 07:22:37 GMT 2008

Jim Croft wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2008 7:01 PM, Matt White <mattwhite at iinet.com.au> wrote:
>> (in Australia, and apparently only Australia, we have to wear the
>> consequences of the DtMS v Telstra judgement which in essence says that
>> factual items can be copyrighted in a substantial effort was required to
>> collate and present them).
> If this interpretation is true it really is a most bizarre thing, the
> net effect of which would be to take minor individual facts out of the
> public domain because a major compilation is copyright, which is quite
> absurd.  I have spent my entire working career compiling and
> documenting facts from copyrighted works - in fact the Government pays
> me and dozens, probably hundreds, of colleagues in every State and
> Territory to do it.  Published directories, maps, gazetteers and
> general literature are just some of the tools we use.   And we have
> been doing it for a quarter of a millennium.   Don't see us stopping
> any time soon, just as long as there remain things to be recorded in
> time and space...
Bizarre it is, but that been the gist of every interpretation of the 
decision I've seen (I actually sat down one day and read the original 
decision and the appeal decision - a goodly chunk of my life that I'll 
never get back).

I think the underlying reason was because the phone numbers was the only 
data in the set, and DtMS copied each and every one of them, retaining a 
lot of the additional sequencing/categorisation of the source Telstra 
data set.

How that relates to using street names from a copright map is really 
anybody's guess, but this case seems to form the basis of any discussion 
I seem to have with legal people.

I don't think this descision takes the street names out of the public 
domain - the street signs are still there (but are they copyright to the 
council that made them up though?), although what do you do when there 
are no street signs (happened to me a few times recently). I guess in 
the end, there MUST be a current definitive source somewhere that has no 
copyright restrictions - be nice if we could work out what that source is.

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