[talk-au] RESEND - Copyright in Australia (Was: Tagging questions)

Josh josh at festy.org
Wed Feb 13 02:16:05 GMT 2008

mattwhite at iinet.net.au writes:
>The one caveat to that is that I do a fair bit of four wheel driving, mapping 
>some of the smaller trails in the state forest, and the issue here is that I 
>need a usable street name source for these trails, as often times they simply 
>don't have any signs naming the road on location - but the roads definitely 
>do have names. Out of copyright maps aren't really an option here - the roads 
>are often fire trails, logging tracks etc, and usually have been created in 
>the last 30-40 years, so would not appear on those maps. They do however 
>appear on the Google maps, the Spatial Vision VicMap 50k set et al. - so 
>where are these street names sourced?

Do you use oziexplorer? I made a set of topo maps for vic based on data 
owned by DSE a while ago and have made them publicly available.
The DSE data license states that they maintain copyright on the original 
data, but I own my created works - so you should be able to consult my maps 
for street name references I would imagine. 


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