[talk-au] New Mapper Sydney Campbelltown Randwick Help: Hi and Help?

Paul Zagoridis paulz at zagz.com
Wed Feb 13 03:13:34 GMT 2008

Hi everyone

I live in Randwick NSW and work in Campbelltown, so I'd like to fix up a 
few things near work.

What is the page of the wiki (if any) that runs me through using JOSM to 
add roads, roundabouts and how to link things correctly to existing 
ways? I know to download from OSM and then upload my changes, which I've 
so far only done to fix missing info e.g. I've named Elizabeth Lane in 
Randwick. So I think I know how to update/fix data for existing ways.

Now I want to add the streets and service roads near work and connect 
them Badgdally Road Campbelltown.

I want to add the roundabouts on Blaxland Road and others

Lastly I want to mark up the divided roads in the area e.g. Blaxland 
Road place traffic lights

Any easy way to learn this?

Paul Zagoridis
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