[talk-au] RESEND - Copyright in Australia (Was: Tagging questions)

Andrew Loughhead andrew at incanberra.com.au
Wed Feb 13 10:56:17 GMT 2008

mattwhite at iinet.net.au wrote:
> The one caveat to that is that I do a fair bit of four wheel driving, 
> mapping some of the smaller trails in the state forest, and the issue 
> here is that I need a usable street name source for these trails, as 
> often times they simply don't have any signs naming the 
> road on location - but the roads definitely do have names. Out of 
> copyright maps aren't really an option here - the roads are often fire 
> trails, logging tracks etc, and usually have been created in the last 
> 30-40 years, so would not appear on those maps. They do however appear 
> on the Google maps, the Spatial Vision VicMap 50k set et al. - so 
> where are these street names sourced?
Its an interesting question - I think that whatever local government 
area you are in at the time is probably the 'owner' of forest road 
names.  However, for forest areas, its likely that the relevant state 
forest or national park management agency is where planning and 
construction of these roads occurs, and probably also naming of them.  
But I still think that local government is where planning approval would 
be located, and so is where the definitive names would originate.  I'm 
not sure how data makes its way from local governments to state 
governments, Sensis, Google and similar. 

On the greater debate, I think its the possibility of legal action that 
needs to be avoided, regardless of the technical legal correctness of 
using whatever published data. OSM isn't rich so even being dragged into 
court will be a huge problem, even if our case was really strong.


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