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Wed Feb 13 12:00:46 GMT 2008

just a suggestion, but if its a really tiny roundabout like those concrete
ones everywhere, just make the node mini_roundabout. It's a lot easier.


On Feb 13, 2008 2:13 PM, Paul Zagoridis <paulz at zagz.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I live in Randwick NSW and work in Campbelltown, so I'd like to fix up a
> few things near work.
> What is the page of the wiki (if any) that runs me through using JOSM to
> add roads, roundabouts and how to link things correctly to existing
> ways? I know to download from OSM and then upload my changes, which I've
> so far only done to fix missing info e.g. I've named Elizabeth Lane in
> Randwick. So I think I know how to update/fix data for existing ways.
> Now I want to add the streets and service roads near work and connect
> them Badgdally Road Campbelltown.
> I want to add the roundabouts on Blaxland Road and others
> Lastly I want to mark up the divided roads in the area e.g. Blaxland
> Road place traffic lights
> Any easy way to learn this?
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