[talk-au] Rankins Springs

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Feb 14 23:40:39 GMT 2008

Liz wrote:
> Looked at another source yesterday - our work database of names and addresses.
> Quite a large number of names and addresses - between 33K and 35K I'd say.
> 2 respondents gave Bales Avenue as an address in that village, but none gave 
> Railway Street.
> I think that the NSW LPI database is old and not good quality.
> I found our block in the wrong locality, and our road covered three different 
> localities, issued randomly. 
> They also used our portion number, wrongly. (legally we are NIP245, they had 
> 245, but our rural number, which gives our correct address, is 240).
> Conclusion - don't trust these sources, survey better in our area.

So this comes back down to 'map what is on the ground'.

If someone challenges it, "its what it said on the sign"
and is easier to follow directions when its whats on the ground ;)



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