[talk-au] Test trace how many points on a road

Paul Zagoridis paulz at zagz.com
Mon Feb 18 13:40:44 GMT 2008

Hi Greg

Ah I did it on Potlatch -- sorry about that.



Greg Harper wrote, On 17/2/08 3:32 PM:
> Where about is the option to simplify the number of points in JOSM? I
> can't for the life of me find it.
> On 13/02/2008, Paul Zagoridis <paulz at zagz.com> wrote:
>> I've uploaded a test trace and waiting for it to show up on the
>> database. It's of Campbelltown, NSW Farrow & Watsford roads and Rose Street
>> I've used JOSM to simplify the number of points on a straight line, but
>> I still have a lot more points that the surrounding OSM data.

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