[talk-au] Test trace how many points on a road

Paul Zagoridis paulz at zagz.com
Tue Feb 19 11:55:23 GMT 2008

Brent Easton wrote, On 19/2/08 10:21 AM:
>> There is (was?) a simplify way command available in JOSM, but you need
>> to add one of the plugins first.
> It is part of the UtilsPlugin, which you can install from the Plugin tab of the JOSM preferences screen.
> Brent.
I thought I'd seen it in JOSM but forgot I'd deleted the installation 
and forgot to re-enable the plugin.

While I like it it still leaves a reasonably dense data track. It just 
reduced my GPS trace at 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Paul%20Zagoridis/traces/74849 from 304 
points to 119 nodes.

I'm still experimenting with how many points, anybody got a suggestion?



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