[talk-au] Test trace how many points on a road

Peter Ross peter at emailross.com
Wed Feb 20 00:20:02 GMT 2008

On 2/19/08, Paul Zagoridis <paulz at zagz.com> wrote:
> Brent Easton wrote, On 19/2/08 10:21 AM:
> >> There is (was?) a simplify way command available in JOSM, but you need
> >> to add one of the plugins first.
> >>
> >
> > It is part of the UtilsPlugin, which you can install from the Plugin tab of the JOSM preferences screen.
> >
> > Brent.
> >
> >
> I thought I'd seen it in JOSM but forgot I'd deleted the installation
> and forgot to re-enable the plugin.
> While I like it it still leaves a reasonably dense data track. It just
> reduced my GPS trace at
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Paul%20Zagoridis/traces/74849 from 304
> points to 119 nodes.
> I'm still experimenting with how many points, anybody got a suggestion?
Add the following preference to advanced preferences
with value 250
I'm not sure what the value means, but if you adjust it higher you
will get progressively more simplification.  Adjust it until your way
is simple enough.  I've found 250 works well for me, and I use it to
simplify mountain bike trails.

Not adjusting the value says that JOSM may need to be restarted,
however in this case you don't, which improves the speed of finding a
good value.

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