[talk-au] Deleting some GNB names..

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Sun Feb 24 22:07:30 GMT 2008

I've deleted a few of GNB added names over the past week.  They seem to be
rural localities added within Sydney.

For example Murphy Heights.

It has an entry in Australian Place Names, at ga.gov.au, but

+ it is not in the Australian Postcode list
+ a google search returns no residences in that suburb
+ it is not on the NSW lands dept list of addresses
+ there are no signs, or local information referring to the area

I'm now suspicious of any of the GNB entries which claim to be rural areas
within the Sydney metro.  Anybody see any reason why we need to keep these,
or know of their origin/reason for existance?


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