[talk-au] Kangaroo Island SA

Darrin Smith beldin at beldin.org
Thu Jun 5 09:17:02 BST 2008

On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 14:18:10 +0930
Kim Hawtin <kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:

> info at 4x4falcon.com wrote:
> > I notice someone has been mapping some of the roads on Kangaroo
> > Island.
> > 
> > If they are on this mailing list can you please put some source
> > tags on.
> > 
> > The reason I ask is we are intending on visiting Kangaroo Is. in
> > august and have every intention of covering every road using GPS
> > log to upload to osm.
> > 
> > If the roads there are already from gps it will save us some time
> > and we won't need to replicate your work.
> > 
> > However if there just traced from landsat,yahoo,etc then I'll save
> > you some time by not tracing them.
> > 
> > However keep tracing other items lakes, rivers, streams, etc.
> perhaps there needs to be a osm meet'n'map on KI?
> i've been thinking about hitting KI in august too...

It's tragic to see that as usual with most of the people who dive in
they haven't actually checked out the AU or SA wiki which make it
pretty clear what should be primary roads in rural areas and have gone
primary crazy...

I did the B23, and if I didnt put tags on it I can tell you it should
be source:yahoo.



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