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> Hi All,
> Just a general comment and a couple of suggestions.
> Having been adding items into osm for the last year I've noticed people
> spending a lot of time tracing roads from landsat, yahoo, etc.
> While this is admirable work is this really a useful exercise.  Someone
> will eventually drive along this road with a gps upload it and then erase
> the traced road.
> Or worse still will not bother to drive down that road as it's already in
> osm and not tagged as survey and therefore not sure should they replace
> it.  So it never gets surveyed accurately.
> So my suggestion is instead of tracing roads, trace things that can not be
> easily surveyed.  eg railway lines, rivers, powerlines.

IMHO Yahoo tracers should focus on lakes (and other bodies of water), parks
and buildings.  After that maybe roads with no public access.  Tracing
public roads should be a last resort, they'll get done much sooner using GPS
if they are not already traced from Yahoo.

I'm not saying that Yahoo tracers should not do roads, but please do lakes
and buildings and stuff first.  Give the GPS guys a chance to do the roads.
It's a big planet we are not going to run out of unmapped space any time


> Or fix the coastline.  There's still lots of areas where the coastline is
> not accurate and needs to be fixed up.
> Anyway just my 2c's.
> Cheers
> Ross
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