[talk-au] Tracing items.

info at 4x4falcon.com info at 4x4falcon.com
Fri Jun 6 02:43:59 BST 2008

> And if someone enjoys tracing roads or some other feature exclusively
> are we to tell them to go away because it's not our idea of the best
> way to spend their time on OSM?

Missed the point of my suggestion totally didn't you.  I am not saying
don't do it just that if you want to improve the whole map in osm then
here are some things that will help to do that.

OSM is not just about streets/roads/highways.

It's about the whole map.  Look at some of the parts of UK and Europe. 
There's now even proposals to include the street numbers.

All things that add to the navigation assistance available.

As to using josm etc that's fine if I've got the laptop running or sitting
at home at the desktop connected to the internet.

But when I'm on the road and I've got gpsdrive with mapnik running and the
osm data is from last thursday and I'm not connected to the internet, I
can't tell if the road was traced from Yahoo etc or from a gps upload.


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