[talk-au] should we migrate to osm forum

Luke Woolley woolleyknox at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 07:47:39 BST 2008

Hey guys. I've been on OpenStreetMap for a few months editing and browsing the archives of the mailing list. I joined the list just so I can participate in this topic. I believe that currently, communication between OpenStreetMap users is restricted by the means of different ways of communicating (mailing lists, forum, user diaries, private messages via the main OSM site)
I believe they should all be combined into one forum. That way you can link your email account to topics or sub-forums you are interested in, send and receive private messages as well as just general conversation.OpenStreetMap can be even more efficient and successful than it currently is if all means of communication are central. Also, it is confusing to new users how to communicate with other members. You basicly have to google search for ways to communicate with other mappers. (I know I had to).Just my two cents, albeit strong.
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