[talk-au] should we migrate to osm forum

Luke Woolley woolleyknox at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 11 10:49:24 BST 2008

I think that it all comes down to what is accessible to most people. I realise some of you are comfortable with the current setup of the mailing lists. I have to admit, this mailing list was the first "mailing list" I have ever heard of. It is just the way it is nowadays. Most websites use forums and they are the "standard" for communication on websites. I think that we need to make sacrifices for the sake of the OpenStreetMap project as a whole. And i'm talking about the whole OSM mailing list. Not just the aussie one. We risk not growing up the right way by sticking with the current means of communication.
The first thing I noticed that was abit off about OSM was the communication side of things. You have Private messages on the main page, user diaries on the main page (a good idea in theory, but poorly executed) the trac (I do realise this is different to general communication), the wiki (again, this is more a reference than a general communication tool BUT it is being used for general OSM discussion via articles created for that sole purpose), the forum and the mailing lists.
As a short-long term goal for the OpenStreetMap project, it is essental to have an efficient and welcoming means of communication. By having just the main page on its own, a forum (with software which can closely replicate the mailing lists as much as possible to reduce transition mess) which is intergrated with the user diaries (your own OSM blog) and private messages, the wiki as a reference for OSM development and guidelines and the trac for managing code and squashing bugs.
Am I the only one who believes this is a serious issue that needs to be brought to attention and put on the table for serious consideration with informed decsions made? Does anyone agree we cannot continue like this forever?
P.S. Off-topic but sorry if I'm stuffing up the threads. I don't know how to reply to the original topic without directly replying to someone else.
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