[talk-au] Mapping "Tee Place" or "Y Court"

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 04:40:33 BST 2008

While cleaning a whole lot of duplicate ways in the ACT OSM data, I noticed
an unusual merthod of mapping a small section of road that is in the shape
of the letter "T".

There seem to be 3 ways of tagging this road.

1) Tag the upright as a way. Then Tag the horizontal as another way, with
the same name.

2) Do a way like an upsidedown L then another way for the left hand half of
the horizontal


3)  Go up the upright, then left to the end, then back along the same track
to the junction, then over to the right hand end.

This results in having one continuous way but does involve having two bits
of the way on top of each other and going in opposite directions.
This might cause a routing program a bit of a dilemma.

The same problem occurs with a Y shaped road where the top bits can
be fairly small.
What is the best method of tagging these and if I use methods 1 or 2  (as I
have been doing) should I also add a street relation to tie up the two ways
into one entity (also with the same name).

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