[talk-au] Which GPS receiver, Where to buy

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Wed Oct 1 09:39:01 BST 2008

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 09:03:34 Thomas Schröder wrote:
> Hi *,
> I am new to the openstreetmap and wonder what would be a good GPS
> receiver. [The Scytex NaviGPS / Locosys (B)GT-11 looks very nice and
> small].

Same as the other Thomas S, I have only owned one, a Garmin eTrex H. It was 
the cheapest I could find, around $200, that would talk to gpsbabel around 
April when I decided to bite the bullet. I always expected to outgrow it 
within a year, but I'm still happy. Not even sure if they still sell this 
model – you can probably get the next one up for the same or cheaper now.

You are welcome to borrow it for a week or so if you want to check these 
things out. I'm in the inner south, or we can meet in town on a work day.

Even better — and this is my ulterior motive — come along to the Brisbane 
mapping party/marathon next week in New Farm and I'll walk you through it, 

Contact me privately if you fancy any of these options.

> And where I can buy them (maybe in Brissi or online).

I bought mine at Johnny Appleseed, which have branches at least in Salisbury 
(Evans Road) and Buranda (Ipswich Road, near hospital). I have also noticed a 
very promising looking "GPS wholesaler" in the Archerfield Airport business 
precinct, which says it sells to the public. About here:


(P.S. I just noticed the Wiki front page says the mapping party is Friday when 
it should be Wednesday!)


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