[talk-au] New member, need a mentor.

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Sun Oct 5 12:42:57 BST 2008

Graeme Wilson wrote:
> Hello All,
> I need to know:
> 1: Just what is needed in the gpx files, particularly the header? I 
> have a basic understanding of xml and html (it's all text). The header 
> is what's holding me up at the moment.
The GPX format is pretty straightforward. I think you can get away with 
the minimal header details ( I went to have alook at the header of one 
of my files, but it looks like Mapsource( which I use to clean up the 
files prior to upload) seems to insert a whole pile of extra dat, so 
they aren't that great as an example. I had a really good example file 
(bare bones GPX file that uploaded OK) but I can't locate it at hte moment.
> 2: Is the date and time stamp needed? I presume not.
I think date and time is currently needed for it to work. There has been 
a bit of whinging about this recently on the main talk list
> 3: One of my main 'holdups' is that I wanted to upload altitude as 
> well as lat and long, but I have been told that altitude is deleted by 
> OSM. Is it OK to upload altitude or is this just overloading the 
> system with unnecessary info? My thoughts are that lat long and alt 
> will give 3D pix for some future generation of OSM, but if the general 
> opinion is not to upload it, then I wont.
I think it's still stipping the lat long data, which kind of sucks.
> 4: I see references to GPSBabel, but cannot make any sense of it. I 
> downloaded something, but it doesnt work.
> 5: Are there any clubs/groups/meetings of OSM people in the Canberra 
> region who meet on a regular basis?
> Thanks,
> Graeme Wilson VK1RE

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