[talk-au] How to merge existing ways with Potlatch?

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Hi Thomas,
It works for me like this (it's hard to put in words, but here goes)...
* Have two separate ways, that you want to join into one way (not for a T-intersection or a crossing)

* Select an end node of way1 (selecting end nodes puts you in a mode to extend the way by further clicking)
* Hover the mouse over the end node of way2 where you want them to join (way2's nodes will show as bigger blue squares)
* Hold the Shift key while clicking on way2's end node
* Way2 now becomes part of Way1

gotten the "The ways do not share a common point" message before, when
I had way1 selected (but not an end node), and shift clicked in between
2 nodes on way2. I was doing this to add more nodes to way2 to smooth
curves of a freeway, but you can only do this if way2 is selected, but
I had the other side of the freeway selected.

Hope that helps,

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> Subject: [talk-au] How to merge existing ways with Potlatch?
> Hi,
> I try to merge two existing ways with Potlatch, but it does not work.
> I followed the documentation:
> ----cite-start---
> To merge two ways into one:
>     * Draw your way as normal.
>     * When you move your mouse over another way, the points light up blue.
>     * Shift-click the blue point at the start or end of the other way.
>     * Or: if the ways are already drawn, select one, then hold Shift and click 
> the other. 
> ----cite-end----
> Selecting one and Shift click the other always results in the 
> error/message "The ways do not share a common point".
> How do I create a "common point" or merge points?
> tschuess
> Thomas
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