[talk-au] How to extract street names from OSM data

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Sun Oct 19 12:10:23 BST 2008

At 09:21, Sunday 19 October 2008, Paul Zagoridis did write:
> Can I use the API or some other easy way to extract a subset of OSM data?
> Specifically I want to get a list of street names in Sydney Metro to double
> check addresses in a database.

This is probably what you want in this case:


> Suggestions?

You can also get it by selecting from the map. In case you don't know, after 
zooming in, turn on the data layer/overlay (available from the top right hand 
side expanding menu), then in the "frame" on the left, refine your area (can be 
drawn). When you have your bounding right, you'll see a hyperlink to "API" at 
the bottom of all the object names. It should give you the same XML output you 
get from the API.

Hope that's what you were after.


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