[talk-au] Road numbers in Garmin

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Oct 21 08:00:49 BST 2008

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008, Diego Molla wrote:
> [Some time ago I sent a similar email from a different email address
> and I think it never made it to the group]
> In a recent trip I was comparing Shonkymaps and OSM on my Garmin GPSr
> and I saw that Shonkymaps displays a floating icon with the road
> number for major roads. I thought this was cool, and easier to read
> the road numbers. Here'e a screen-shot from the Shonkymaps site:
> http://shonkylogic.net/shonkymaps/images/SANY1373.JPG
> Does anybody know if this can be done with OSM as well? I looked at
> the documentation on how to render OSM in Garmin but didn't see
> anything about road numbers.
> Diego

this reminds me of a problem with OSM road numbers - inconsistency

viewing the Sturt Highway which goes through three states

A20, 20, NH20, 20, A20, NH20 apparently randomly and not related to where the 
state borders are

NH20 particularly bothers me.
Nowhere on the Sturt is there a current sign which says NH20.
It's 20 or A20 according to the state boundaries.

I'm sure others can point out great inconsistencies with other highways.
Can we decide what labels to put on the roads?

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