[talk-au] Road numbers in Garmin

Sean 4ey0llz02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Oct 22 10:49:51 BST 2008

G'Day Diego

I see your post has been hijack and gone off in another direction.  It 
should have made as a new thread guys.  Anyway to answer your question 
the answer is yes.  People are adding this data when they map out these 
roads so it is there.  It is just a matter of telling the compiler to 
add it in.  If your making them yourself you will have to give a bit 
more info on how you are making them.  If your downloading them from a 
site just shoot off a email to site owner.  Ask them if they can add 
them in.


Diego Molla dmollaaliod-at-gmail.com |OSM list| wrote:
> [Some time ago I sent a similar email from a different email address
> and I think it never made it to the group]
> In a recent trip I was comparing Shonkymaps and OSM on my Garmin GPSr
> and I saw that Shonkymaps displays a floating icon with the road
> number for major roads. I thought this was cool, and easier to read
> the road numbers. Here'e a screen-shot from the Shonkymaps site:
> http://shonkylogic.net/shonkymaps/images/SANY1373.JPG
> Does anybody know if this can be done with OSM as well? I looked at
> the documentation on how to render OSM in Garmin but didn't see
> anything about road numbers.
> Diego

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