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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 13:40:03 BST 2008

Hi Liz,

OK - the JOSM relation editor is still a bit "beta-ish" so you have to type
all the info.

Here's an example

No right turn from a-street to b-road

key               value
---                --------
type             restriction                                 :     type of
name           No Right Turn: a-street to b-road  :    just a label - may be
shown on a map or  a screen
restriction     no_right_turn                             : may also be
no_u_turn no_left_turn etc
created_by   JOSM

Role             Occupied By
-----              ------------------

from             a-street                                     : click on
a-street to poulate this
to                 b-street                                    : click on
b-street to fill this in
via                1234567 (-35.1111, 150.1111)    : click on ther
intersecting node for this one.

Therefore the ways called a-street and b-road and their intersecting node
are the members of this restriction type relation.
see -36.2078049, 150.1238405


tying two bits of a way together into one entity   (Tee-Place)

key         value
-----         --------

type        street
name      Tee Place
created_by  JOSM

Role         Occupied by
-----           -----------------

                Tee Place  (4 nodes)              : click on first bit of
Tee Place
                Tee Place  (7 nodes)             : click on second bit of
Tee Place

Therefore the two "Tee Places" are linked together by a relation to form Tee
I don't know how this goes down with a search algorythm - which one of the
three does it find first?

They seen to work  (using gosmore routing engine).

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