[talk-au] GPS recommendation

Thomas Sprinkmeier thomas.sprinkmeier at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 09:26:17 BST 2008

> I'd prefer to use one that somebody else has used so I know it will be
> suitable for OSM.  Any suggestions?

I bought a DG-100 at the Map Shop in Adelaide:

Takes 2 AA's, recharges via USB, talks to gpsbabel, 18-hours memory at
one point per second, external antenna connection.

I'm very happy with it, though it's the first GPS I've ever owned to I
have no idea how it compares to others out there.

When they came for the photographers I did 
     nothing because I don't have a camera
When they came for the sketch-artists I did 
             nothing because I can't sketch
I hope they're not coming for me. 
 I'm afraid to look up and check.

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