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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:14:47 BST 2008

"Thats nufin - Google maps will navigate you right across the runway of
Avalon Airport.."

They must have been practicing for mapping the runway at Gibraltar - at
least they got that one right.
The latest Sensis mapping has that error but the latest Navteq ones don't -

The accuracy on the commercial mapping varies wildly. In the Adelaide hills
the Sensis maps are excellent. I only found two tiny errors and they were
completely inconsequential.  Elsewhere the mapping can be  completely

In Binalong, for example the Sensis maps are out by about 50 metres, which
means that your car navigation system never knows which street it is on.
Tathra had this problem (93 metres out) in the V13 release but the newer R14
maps have been corrected.

If the commercial mappers cared at all about accuracy (which I don't think
they do - Yet) they have the perfect tool available to address the problem

All they have to do is compare their maps to the OSM data, and where they
are different, they send someone out to see who got it right.

Talking of accuracy - I mapped two streets in Yass and I think that I've got
one of them wrong. I must have either misread the street sign or I have made
a typo whilst editing.  Does anyone have authoritave information (from a non
copyrighted source) of the correct name for what I've tagged as Ross
Street.  (I think it may well be Rossi Street).

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