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why just map it?  ...  here's the real thing:



On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Nick Hocking <nick.hocking at gmail.com> wrote:
> "Thats nufin - Google maps will navigate you right across the runway of
> Avalon Airport.."
> They must have been practicing for mapping the runway at Gibraltar - at
> least they got that one right.
> The latest Sensis mapping has that error but the latest Navteq ones don't -
> Strange.
> The accuracy on the commercial mapping varies wildly. In the Adelaide hills
> the Sensis maps are excellent. I only found two tiny errors and they were
> completely inconsequential.  Elsewhere the mapping can be  completely
> useless.
> In Binalong, for example the Sensis maps are out by about 50 metres, which
> means that your car navigation system never knows which street it is on.
> Tathra had this problem (93 metres out) in the V13 release but the newer R14
> maps have been corrected.
> If the commercial mappers cared at all about accuracy (which I don't think
> they do - Yet) they have the perfect tool available to address the problem
> (OSM).
> All they have to do is compare their maps to the OSM data, and where they
> are different, they send someone out to see who got it right.
> Talking of accuracy - I mapped two streets in Yass and I think that I've got
> one of them wrong. I must have either misread the street sign or I have made
> a typo whilst editing.  Does anyone have authoritave information (from a non
> copyrighted source) of the correct name for what I've tagged as Ross
> Street.  (I think it may well be Rossi Street).
> Nick
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