[talk-au] Boundary questions.

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Hi Liz,

Looks ok to my untrained eye so-far:

Nice work!

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On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, Nick Hocking wrote:
> 2) If a suburb follows a road or river should part of the boundary way be
> deleted and replaced with that part of the road or river.
> 3) How can we determine if a boundary follows the centre of the road/river
> or maybe one or other sides of it.

I've just been replacing big hunks of Murrumbidgee River with the imported 
In the first place most of the Murrumbidgee was imported by vmap, which
do a great job with regard to the twists and turns of the river. Some has 
been handdrawn, and some of that was no better, depending on how tired I was

at the time.

So where the ABS boundaries show a great improvement (eg the river goes
the bridges and lines up with landsat images, I've now used those for the 
Bidgee along a section - mostly Narrandera to Darlington Point.

I need to know if this doesn't work when it gets to the renderer, and if so 
what we could do about it.

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