[talk-au] Manipulating ABS suburb data, and related data..

Ben Kelley ben.kelley at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 10:47:04 BST 2009


I think I'm with Darren on all counts.

I think the only thing I'd add is where local knowledge tells you that the
ABS data aligns to some previously unmapped feature (e.g. a river) that
cannot be made out on Landsat (no Yahoo coverage). There I'm tempted to add
the natural feature data to the existing ABS way, and leave the ABS
attribution in.

I have seen a few places where the ABS suburb boundary seems to exactly
match a river or creek outside the Yahoo coverage, and there is no easy way
to get a GPS trace for the creek.

I'm doing some surveying around Tamworth NSW this weekend, and I was looking
forward to uploading my traces tonight, but of course the OSM database is
being upgraded!

 - Ben.
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