[talk-au] Suburb boundaries - getting close

Franc Carter franc.carter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 11:09:15 GMT 2009

Ok, it seems my conversion script is now producing sane results so it's time
to work out what the final output should look like.

The first question that I think we need to answer is, how do we represent
data in OSM, there appears to be 3 options:-

   1. Closed ways
   2. Relations
   3. Borders with a left/right tag

Then we need to decide on what tags to apply to the data. The raw data has
three fields

  * STATE_2006     A numerical identifier for the state the suburb is in
  * SSC_2006        An identifier provided by the ABS
  * NAME_2006      The name of the suburb, which may have the old name in
'()' after it.

So, my initial proposal for tags is:-

  * name=?
                                                        (with any old name
  * source=Based_on_Australian_Bureau_of_Statistics _data     (ABS ask for
  * ABS:reviewed=no
  * ABS:STATE_2006=?
  * ABS:NAME_2006=?
  * ABS:SSC_2006=?

The 'ABS' part is just a suggestion - It's a bit short for my liking

We also need to decide where these tags go - nodes, ways, relations. And if
we go for
the left/right approach a decision on how to

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