[talk-au] Suburb boundaries

Darrin Smith beldin at beldin.org
Tue Feb 17 03:27:44 GMT 2009

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 03:08:16 +0000 (UTC)
BlueMM <bluemm1975-osm at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This maybe because some suburb boundaries are along the edge of one
> side of the road, not down the centre (like the VIC/NSW border along
> the Murray, on the high water line on the Vic side). I didn't realise
> it even took into account slip-lanes! Either way, it's about as
> official as we can get, so I hope they don't get moved around in OSM
> because someone thought they would look better. Hopefully, in
> practise the boundaries are effectively read-only until the next
> import, except actual data errors.

Not in the cases I'm talking about, I've verified them against the
actual state government source that I would assume the ABS is sourcing
theirs from, and they do not follow. 

Several of the points I pointed out in my email show that it CANT be
read-only because it's just plain WRONG in some places. 

In fact over the 19 or so suburbs that Franc sent me I can testify to
6 of them being accurate against my already researched and
verified against many sources data, and that's without being picky
about where exactly they lay against roads, if I include that
condition also we drop to 2 *accurate* suburb. Editing of the data will
be unavoidable.



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