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> +1 for Relations  (I'm in the Darren camp on this one)
> I also like Jack's suggestion on name & old_name, plus the is_in tag.
> Given Darren's suggestion for au:ABS, I wonder if there are any examples of
> country namespaced tags? Obviously ABS is not likely to be unique, maybe
> ABS_au
> or Jack's abs.gov.au? I think I like abs.gov.au the best (eg.
> abs.gov.au:SSC_2006).

personally, I don't like the double ':' - but I don't care too much either

> What is the purpose of ABS:reviewed=no tag? Is it to check for obvious data
> errors (like Darren pointed out for the industrial estate - assuming it's
> obvious)?
> Other than that, at this point we don't really have any other source for
> this
> data, so how could we possibly review boundaries?

There are going to be cases where we can 'know' that a boundary is wrong.
For example - 'Breakfast Point' in Sydney is not in the ABS data and it's
got some fairly obvious boundaries when you drive around it.

> Assuming we go with the relations option, and ABS:SSC_2006 is tagged on the
> relation, what unique id to we tag the individual ways with? Wouldn't most
> ways
> be derived from 2 closed-area shapes, therefore ABS:SSC_2006 would have to
> be a
> combination of the parents id's (which might not be unique when converted
> anyway).

Agreed, as it looks like we are going with relations (based on votes so far)
tags will only be sensible on certain objects

> I think once we get our import plan finalised (conversion of ways, tagging
> scheme etc.) we should update the wiki and post on the Talk mailing list
> with
> the plan, to hopefully get some comments from veteran importers (like Tiger
> &
> the midway Canada importers)

Yep, I will do this. I also want to talk to them about the technical side of
the import.
Running an import of this size is something that should be discussed so that
doesn't clog the server up for weeks.

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