[talk-au] Major road cleanup

Roy Rankin rrankin at ihug.com.au
Mon Jan 5 03:13:16 GMT 2009

When to use ways as common boundaries is an interesting issue with OSM. 
  I have been an active mapper since last Easter and therefore I have 
though a lot about this. I am currently doing the following as a 
guideline but sometimes do differently if it seems best.

Between roads and areas, I separate the road and the area.
My thinking here is that roads typically have public owned buffer strips 
on either side and usually a solder, footpath, or curb.

The other factor is that roads have two dimensions (width and length) 
but are represented by a one dimensional line in OSM. Thus even for the 
case of parking bays on a road it still makes sense to me not use the 
road as a boundary for the parking bay.

I do, however, use common boundaries between adjacent areas. As an 
example, I have just mapped two schools with a common boundary and both 
with a boundary with a park without a gap between the boundaries. In 
this case I then ignore the warning messages from the JOSM validator.

For areas and water boundaries (such as coastlines and lake boundaries) 
I use a common boundary. This makes things easier when the water 
boundary is tweaked because of better images or survey data.

I would tend to treat rivers or streams which again are one dimensional 
representations of two dimensional things the same way I would treat a road.

I hope others find these comments useful,
Roy Rankin

Liz wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Nick Hocking wrote:
>> Talking of bridges, I'm trying to add a bridge, over a storm water drain to
>> a road in Canberra.
>> However it is just about impossible since on each side of this road is a
>> park and the parks are using
>> parts of the road as part of their own perimeter.
> I've thought about this a bit more, and its not the best idea to be using 
> roads as park or other area perimeters.
> It sure would make it fast to put this stuff in initially, but any subsequent 
> alterations - say changes in the road itself - mean big alterations to be 
> made by the next mapper.
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