[talk-au] Adelaide out of copyright street directory

BlueMM bluemm1975-osm at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 02:05:41 GMT 2009

Darrin Smith <beldin at ...> writes:
> On Sat, 17 Jan 2009 20:29:08 -0800 (PST)
> bluemm1975-osm at ... wrote:
> > Early on in my OSM career, I changed a freeway that was from a GPS
> > but the track wasn't accurate compared to nearby tracks/traces. So I
> > deleted it and traced from Yahoo, with lots of nodes along bends to
> > make them smooth. I found it easier to delete the old way than moving
> > a stack of nodes in Potlatch, especially since it was a dual
> > carriageway. BTW, you can align Yahoo imagery in Potlatch, as long as
> > you have a few good points to align with (like an accurate GPS track
> > of a curvy road).
> Now I begin to understand the complaints of Ross last year in July with
> respect to people doing tracing of roads. Given when I put a GPS
> tracked way in one of the points for doing so is to remove the
> dependence on yahoo for that way, and your previous post and Ross's
> reply suggest the only clean way to do that is to completely remove the
> old way, anyone who adds any road from yahoo is just making more work
> for GPS mappers.
> If this is the accepted correct practice then I think I might be
> jumping to Ross's side of the fence and frowning upon yahoo tracings
> of roads. This quote from his original email sums it up how I'd feel
> about it:
> "So my suggestion is instead of tracing roads, trace things that can not
> be easily surveyed.  eg railway lines, rivers, powerlines."
> Of course that goes against the idea of getting a core amount of data
> in there to get people using things :/
> I guess it just means those who want to make GPS tracks have to do even
> more work than they already do travelling around getting the tracks and
> collecting data. The price of quality I guess.

Hi Darren,

I don't see the point of "remove the dependence on yahoo", either we are allowed
to use it or we are not. Maybe it's a data purity thing, but then I must be only
half a zealot :P

Don't base any decisions or form principles on my understanding, it's just an
interpretation. Maybe we should ask on the Legal mailing list, as to what
happens if a Yahoo traced way is altered by using a GPS track.
Another interesting issue is can we drop the source=yahoo is we delete the way,
then create another way by using a GPS track, but join to all the existing nodes
from cross streets etc. Those nodes came from Yahoo originally...

Frowning on Yahoo tracing isn't going to do much, since mappers are going to
continue either way. BTW, I don't understand your last sentence, why do they
need to do more work? I imagine all Yahoo! traced data needs to be verified
anyway, and to ideally all GPS stuff should be confirmed by another person (QA
and all).


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