[talk-au] How to make unamed streets stand out on JOSM?

Rick Peterson ausrick at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 1 12:45:22 BST 2009

John Smith wrote:
> .....using the validator plugin
Hi John,

I originally loaded the Validator plugin using the JOSM interface and 
then I enabled it in the plugins menu.

I use it to check all of the data I download, usually before I start 
editing and then again before I upload my work. It's incredible what 
little errors I'd manage to miss, that it finds and highlights for me !!

1. Make sure the validator plugin is loading (see image)
2. Ensure no nodes or ways are selected in JOSM
3. Click the Validate button
4. Get results in the validator pane (see image)
5. In the Validator pane, click the particular folder (in this case 
Warnings/Unnamed Ways) or individual sub items to highlight them in the 
main window in yellow (see image)
6. Where you have a full screen with lots of different errors, right 
click an item to "zoom to problem"

I hope this helps.



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