[talk-au] Updating the validator plugin...

John Smith delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 4 13:01:39 BST 2009

--- On Sat, 4/7/09, Rick Peterson <ausrick at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> I see only the "postal_code" key remains in the
> Validator warning, but
> that is showing against the ABS Postcode relation and not
> the ways on
> the screen. The standard presets do use a postcode key, but
> in the
> Karlsruhe Schema format of "addr:postcode".

Hmmm so it really is an error and they should have entered it in the same way that people were already using when they did a batch import...

I'm tempted not to do anything about this to be honest.

> ...now, if I could just do something about those pesky
> 'highway without
> a reference' errors when highway=tertiary ... but
> I'll save that for
> another day ;)

Just ignore the whole group, they are valid error messages so I don't think I should mess with it, but you are free to ignore them all with very little effort.

> Hope your improvements are incorporated into the standard
> release so
> that all Aussie mappers can enjoy your good work and see
> the real
> errors that JOSM validator will throw up that need
> correcting.

Well I've posted patches back on all the changes I've made, you could always "me too", but don't just say me too obviously :) a bug to show support for it, the more people that seem to want the same issue fixed the more likely it will be fixed. At least that's how these things work in theory ;)


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