[talk-au] Updating the validator plugin...

John Smith delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 6 04:17:23 BST 2009

--- On Sun, 5/7/09, Rick Peterson <ausrick at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Perhaps you could clarify the changes that have been
> incorporated, and
> those that remain outstanding?

A couple more patches have been accepted and are available for update, however when I went to update I got a message telling me I'd need to upgrade to JOSM version 1725 or later.

Patch for "Not show an error on junction=roundabout when it is unnamed" #2792 has also now been accepted, this patch shows warnings as "Unnamed Junction" which can as a group be ignored. Judging by comments I think this is the best outcome as junctions in Germany at least seem to be named or have ref tags.

Patch for "Several errors shown for railway=abandoned" #2793 was also accepted, this patch won't show errors about railway=abandoned such as missing railway crossings and nodes ending near ways.

Patch for "Invalid "Way end node near other way" error" #2794 was also accepted, so if a street is a dead end (noexit=yes) or highway=turning_circle or barrier=* and it ends near another way it won't show up as a warning.

As for bugs #2803 and #2807, I was misled that this was a prefix issue, when really it was a lack of code in the validator plugin causing warnings for valid tags to show, both code patches I supplied have been applied.

The only outstanding bugs I can think of are:

#2806, highway=unknown not showing a warning when unnamed.
#2830, false positive triggers by certain combinations of tags when natural=coastline and the direction of the arrows basically telling the user they're wrong when they were right.


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