[talk-au] Street Abbv. patch for validator plugin

John Smith delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 8 08:46:44 BST 2009

--- On Tue, 7/7/09, Rick Peterson <ausrick at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> I usually err on caution's side and run with the 
> tested version of this 
> kind of fast developing software, however I'm keen to make
> use of all 
> the new features and work everyone has been putting in.

I was hoping some more of my patches would be accepted by now and be filtering through however the devs of JOSM seem to be preoccupied with other things so if you want to try some of the new code I've written here is a quick how to on getting up running.

Ok, I'm still using JOSM r1741 and this seems to be pretty stable, there is one release after this but I haven't upgraded to try it yet.


Also the copy of the validator.jar plugin that I built myself has a few more changes than has been applied against the trunk.


I'm not sure if my current plugin will work against 1669 or not, depends what other patches have been applied and I should try it I suppose. There is also the issue of the new wmsplugin not showing low res sat imagery from yahoo, if you want this you'll need to install the current plugin, exist from josm and then install the older copy:


>From there you need to edit josm preferences to update mirror_tagchecker.cfg to look something like this:


And mirror_ignoretags.cfg to look something like this:


And you'll be bleeding edge OSM'ing :)


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