[talk-au] Adopt-an-area

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Sun Jul 12 09:47:49 BST 2009

While most of OSM contributors are students and poor, some OSM contributors, 
especially here, are not...

I'm making a suggestion for those who are not poor (students can ignore this) 
that we could pick developing countries with mappers on the ground and provide 
some assistance - advice on the map, help with data loggers and any other sort 
of help.

I found one group had one GPS enabled phone between them and were running a 
competition on "how many edits" to see who got the GPS next. That group has 
accepted my offer of a data logger and one of the solar powered i-Blue PS-757 
units will go over there - not a large cost to me but i think it will be a 
bonus to them.

I know there is a complex UK administered gps loans system, and I could have 
donated to that, but I'd rather adopt-an-area in a more personal way.


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