[talk-au] Orchards

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Sun Jul 12 21:52:49 BST 2009

On Sun, 12 Jul 2009, b.schulz.10 at scu.edu.au wrote:
> I've read through the discussion about the landuse=vinyard tag
> (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Vineyard) and the
> general consensus seems to be that landuse=farm, produce=blah is the best
> approach.
> Anyway, just opening this up for debate in the hope that an Australian
> convention can be decided on.

This is one of those things that makes the difference between the cheap maps 
and the expensive ones. It certainly adds to the map, but living in an 
intensively farmed area I find it a bit frightening that I would have to mark 
vineyards / orchards / etc

Landuse is the tag which gets rendered as the nice symbols or colours on the 

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