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Liz edodd at billiau.net
Sat Jul 18 11:16:56 BST 2009

On Sat, 18 Jul 2009, b.schulz.10 at scu.edu.au wrote:
> Forgot to change the To: field :p.
> Haha, nice to know that somebody bothers reading the blogs :).
I am running them into my rss feed 

> The
> bike is a Mongoose Comp Tyax. Neither of the breakdowns were
> unexpected. The middle chainring got smashed up by a rock about 8months
> ago while doing the St Helena Track (name=St Helena Ridge in OSM) in
> the Blue Mountains. I smashed it back with a rock so it'd work but
> obviously it's been pretty stuffed since then.

I'd expect better from Mongoose
> The spokes have
> always "tinkled" under heavy breaking. This is the 3rd to break so far.
> On Monday I'll head into the bike shop and grab a set of new spokes and
> a chainring then rebuild the wheel next week. I want to return to
> Protestors Falls next Saturday to map the Terania Creek better and the
> walking track which goes up to the falls themselves.
My hybrid is a cheap bike compared to my others, and the only one I've broken 
spokes on. I changed the lot, because broken spokes are a PITA

> Considering
> the heavy riding that 105kg me has done on that bike I'm surprised it's
> stood up this long :). 
We're  surprised you're still 105kg

> It's done about 1000km in the last year, mostly
> in the Glenrock State Recreation Area, Newcastle (which is very well
> mapped :)). As parts break they'll get replaced with better equipment
> and eventually I'll have a much more reliable bike.
My mountain bike has done about 40,000km, and now about half of it is original

> Oh, and the
> cable ties used were salvaged. They were being used to hold on a little
> pouch which housed the GPS. Next time I'll throw in some fresh ones and
> a roll of gaffer tape along with the tools.
We could have a donation drive for more cable ties and gaffer tape, you'll be 
needing them

> -Brent

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