[talk-au] Best linux mapping/routing setup

John Smith delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 18 14:50:39 BST 2009

--- On Sat, 18/7/09, b.schulz.10 at scu.edu.au <b.schulz.10 at scu.edu.au> wrote:
> It's *possible* to use JOSM, but
> you need to alt+click/drag a lot to move the window around.
> Usually I'd just plug it into an external monitor.
> Potlatch is useable, although the requirement of an Internet
> connection reduces it's usefulness.

Not exactly what I was after, I have slightly mischief intents here, I'm writing up an installation howto about the eeePC and was going to slip in a few references to getting navigation/routing etc setup too :D

> I've never done routing with mine due to lack of a GPS
> which talks NMEA. The human mind does much better routing
> anyway :).

Using gpsd to handle what ever GPS device makes that irrelevant usually.


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