[talk-au] Best linux mapping/routing setup

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Mon Jul 20 01:32:39 BST 2009

On Sun, 19 Jul 2009 23:34:51 +0000 (GMT)
John Smith <delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com> wrote:

> --- On Sun, 19/7/09, Ross Scanlon <info at 4x4falcon.com> wrote:
> > Here is a screen shot of gpsdrive in car mode.
> > 
> > http://www.4x4falcon.com/screenshots/gpsdrive_car_mode.jpg
> Can you do one zoomed in on OSM street data and/or showing some kind of navigation path?



This shows all routing options turned on.

The redline is direct to destination, the green line is the route, the top bar shows distance to next point and name of next turn point.

It will zoom in two more levels from this one which will show all street names.

This is the normal setup I use for mapping for osm, although generally without a route active.

Swapping between osm and topo or gmaps is via the map control button.

You can turn the buttons on or off as required, eg in mapnik mode the zoom buttons (ones with magnifying glass) are not really usefully so I tend to turn them off if I'm not likely to use the topo maps.  This makes the rest of the buttons larger and easier to use on the touchscreen.  If your not using routing then the route and navigation buttons can be turned off as well.

Restart Track is the most useful as it saves the current track to a gpx file and starts a new track.  These are time stamped gpx files so makes it really easy to keep track of whats where.

Please note that this is not the 2.10pre7 version of gpsdrive, it is my working copy and has the routing functions and some other items I've added for myself.  These have no effect on the display.

Hopefully 2.10 will be complete shortly and we can move on to 3.0 and add the routing into the general release and several other nice to have items as well.

It does not yet do turn by turn nav but I'm working on it when I get some spare time.

The routing engine for this is gosmore.

To get the functionality shown here you would need to compile from source which is not difficult, full details are here:


It would be nice to have the deb install working perfectly, but that's another issue, and is the main delay behind the final release of 2.10


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