[talk-au] Questions: faint and one-way walking tracks

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Sat Jul 25 11:21:57 BST 2009

On 22/07/2009, at 10:05 PM, Mark Pulley wrote:

> 1) For one walk, as the arrows are only placed on one side of the  
> trees, it is only possible to follow the arrows in one direction.  
> Should I use oneway=yes for this walk? (The track is non-existent  
> for this walk.)

For those interested, here's the location of the walk. It looks weird  
with oneway footways, but there you go. I've added a note to the ways  
about the yellow markers (rather than adding it to the name of the  
walk).  You might also note an error in the rendering of the name  
where the track goes over the top of the dam wall - I have a couple  
more tweaks to do so I'll fix it then.


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