[talk-au] LCA2010

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Wed Jul 29 14:09:40 BST 2009

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 22:53:47 +1000
James Livingston <doctau at mac.com> wrote:

> On 29/07/2009, at 10:43 PM, Hugh Barnes wrote:
> > I think OSM's profile in the FOSS community is a little dim.
> There have been quite a few posts on planet.gnome.org in the last  
> couple of months about integrating maps (mostly OSM via
> libchamplain) into Gnome applications. However we do need to get more
> people aware of it.

Agreed. Sorry, I meant in Oz specifically.

> > Would someone like to put some words together to go about
> > addressing this? If
> > you do, best to let the list know of your intent to do so. You might
> > even get some helper elves. Urgh.
> Something I mentioned the other year, although way too late to do  
> anything about, was that we should really get LCA to use
> OpenStreetMap for it's mapping needs. As well as any official maps,
> there are often Google Maps-based things with all the good coffee
> shops, pubs and eateries in the area marked.
> It may need some work by people in the area (I haven't checked yet),  
> but it would be good if the area surrounding the conference was well  
> mapped out by January.

Yeah, earlier in that same thread I think. Good plan. Hopefully the NZ
LINZ data import will have been done by then. Of course, I'm expecting
much more can be mapped than whatever's in that dataset. It's the
detail that makes OSM maps stand out IMO. Another possibility is that
it could be an official LCA task to do some micro-mapping. Brain


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