[talk-au] Extracting Map data for Australian cities

John Smith delta_foxtrot at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 30 08:17:21 BST 2009

--- On Thu, 30/7/09, Kamran Shafi <kamran.shafi at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is my first mail to this list. I have been
> trying to use osmosis to extract map data for different
> Australian cities, but osmosis is not working for me (I am
> on a windows machine). Any ideas what other options do I
> have?

I don't use windows but osmosis is a java program so for the most part it's irrelevent what platform.

What is relevant is what you are trying to achieve?

Splitting the data up for all cities in Australia is almost pointless at this point in time when the whole country can be generated in a 41M navit binary file format.


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