[talk-au] New to mapping in Perth, WA

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Sat Nov 7 03:37:48 GMT 2009

> BTW, are the Ausroads guides you mention the ones found at:
> http://www.austroads.com.au/
There are no guides there. They ask for money. In the interests of Free
Information I used the Uni library.

>> Legally, there are NO mini-roundabouts in Australia. A mini roundabout
>> has a blue sign, not a yellow one.
> Signage can't be the defining characteristic of a roundabout, mini- or
> otherwise.

In the Australian Road Rules there are only roundabouts.
The mini roundabout of Europe and UK does have variation on the standard
roundabout rules (remember these people also invented the multiple
roundabout, aka Magic roundabout).
So here, in the road rules = legally, there are only roundabouts.
They do have yellow signs. Sometimes vandals remove signs. Sometimes
council workers remove signs, so they aren't always there.


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