[talk-au] NearMap PhotoMap imagery for OSM - JOSM slippymap plugin

Michael spam-me at gmx-ist-cool.de
Tue Nov 10 07:53:04 GMT 2009


Brendan Morley wrote:
> Is there some way we can get this backported to -tested? JOSM r2405
> has

Please send me the version number of the slippymap plugin you are using
and I will try to patch that version. The latest version of the plugin
does not compile against -tested.

> My other frustration was downloading your patched alternative.
> Rapidshare seems to specialise in >41kB web pages telling me I can't
> download the 41kB file yet )-: Took me several retries before I got
> it ...

The plugin happens to be just slightly above the message size limit for
the mailing list. Rapidshare was just my first idea where I could
quickly put it. Probably I should just get myself an account for the
wiki and upload it there.


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