[talk-au] Help with a couple of things

Jonathan Trott openstreetmap at macsupport.org
Thu Nov 12 00:37:09 GMT 2009

On 11/11/2009, at 18:01, Ross Scanlon wrote:

>> The two turns that I have to pass almost every day are the following:
>> Point 31395304 (Holt Avenue and Military Road in Cremorne, NSW)  
>> should
>> be no right turn both directions here.
>> Point 13877590 (Christie Street and Pacific Highway in St Leonards.
>> NSW) should be no right turn both directions here also.
> Looks correct to me, although I would make the relations only  
> applicable for the section from the last intersection to the  
> intersection where the restriction occurs.
I can't seem to find out where I can do this in the JOSM interface?  
All the selection options just give me the entire Pacific Highway (37  
nodes) selection or the entire Military Road selection.

>> Another problem I just recently discovered is Robsons Rd, Keiraville,
>> NSW is duplicated. One with 17 nodes and one with 4. What's the best
>> way to clean this up as there are roads that are joined to one and  
>> not
>> the other.
>> I'm hoping there is an easy way to fix this?
> Delete the least appropriate way and reconnect the roads.  Sorry I  
> don't know of any easy fix.
OK, I think I've fixed all this, and other errors that cropped up in  
the validator at the time.

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